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Add Public Folder Contacts to your Mobile:

To add public folder contacts to your mobile: In your Outlook desktop app at the bottom left > click the ellipsis (…) > choose folders In the left panel locate Public Folders below your mailbox > expand the folders by clicking the “>” on the left of the folder until you see the contact folder you want to… Read More »

Setup App Password for 365

What is it? Due to increased security on the 365 platform, you have two choices when accessing your mail, calendar, and contacts on your iOS devices. Switch to the Outlook App and stop using the built-in Apple apps. You will log in with your work password and use Multi-factor Authentication. Continue to use the native Apple apps for… Read More »

Call Forwarding

Cellular Call Forward (The phone will not ring): *72 & Number forwarding to Disable *72 0 No Answer Call Forward (Unanswered calls are forwarded):  *71 & Number forwarding to Disable *71 0 Vonage From the Vonage App: Tap the top left Icon > Settings > Call Settings > Call Forwarding > Select “Forward All Calls” > Tap the… Read More »

FileBrowser 101

Editing Files in Another App Remember that FileBrowser can preview a variety of file formats such as Excel, PDF & Word. If you tap on the file in FileBrowser, it will open in preview mode. If you want to edit it in another app, Do Not preview, Do Not tap on the file name. Tap the vertical ellipsis… Read More »

High Quality Voice Calls

Your iPhone is capable of making higher quality voice calls with VoLTE. The quality improvement comes from increasing the bandwidth used to carry your voice, relative to a traditional cellular call. To enable this go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE > Select Voice & Data

Set Out of Office from iOS

To set your out of office from your iPhone: Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts  > Choose Your work account At the bottom of the page tap Automatic Reply Be sure to set both the internal and external (scroll down) message. When you set an end date the message text will be updated with that date automatically,… Read More »

Clear your iOS Device

This will destroy all data. Backup your data. From the iOS device to be reset: 1 Go to Settings > Tap your name at the top > iCloud > Turn Find My iPhone / iPad Off 2 Enter your Apple ID password when prompted 3 Next go to Settings > General > Reset 4 Choose Reset All Content… Read More »

Hard Reset iPhone X

When you iPhone is not performing normally a hard reset may help: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button Press and quickly release the Volume Down button Press the Side button, and hold until the display suddenly goes dark (10 seconds).

Installing Ajera Expense

1) Open the email from your accounting department and click on the link that looks like: https://something/deltektouch/ajera/expense/ajerashared/backend/ajeraurl.php Click ok if you see this error 2) Click Open 3) Install the App 4) Open the App & accept terms (at the bottom) 5) When you get here, stop. Go back to the email with the link and click on… Read More »

Embedding Images

When sending images from your iPhone you can choose whether they are sent as attachments or embedded in the message. This is determined by the format of the email itself. If the email format is text the photos will be sent as attachments if the email is HTML the images will be embedded. Nowhere in settings can the… Read More »

Add Exchange Email

To add your work account to your iOS device: Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts Add Account > Choose Exchange Enter your email address and a description of your choosing At the next prompt select “Configure Manually” Enter your Windows password You will need to enter the Server, Domain and Username provided to you

Prepare for Service

When your iPhone or iPad goes to Apple for service, it is possible the data on your device can be lost. To ensure it’s recovery and a successful repair please do the following before we pickup your device: 1) Backup your Device It is possible Apple will replace your device so be sure to have a full backup.… Read More »


To access company files on your iOS you will need to have the VPN client setup and have “FileBrowser”  installed and configured in advance. To connect: Go to Settings>VPN>and turn it on. If prompted enter your Windows password. Once connected you will see “VPN”at the top of your device. Open the FileBrowser app and click on the book… Read More »

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your PC securely from you iPhone or iPad. To use remote desktop on your iOS you will need to have the VPN client setup and configured by NMS. To Connect: go to Settings>VPN>and turn it on If prompted enter your Windows password. Once connected you will see “VPN” at the top… Read More »

iOS SD Card Reader

Insert SD Card into the reader and connect it you your iOS device. The Photos app should open immediately and display the photos on the card. If not open Photos and tap on Import at the bottom.  Choose individual photos then Import or Import All. You will see “import complete”, click “keep” if you want to leave a… Read More »

Remove from iCloud

From the iOS device to be removed: Go to Settings > Tap your name at the top > iCloud > Turn Find My iPhone / iPad Off Enter your Apple ID password when prompted From a second iOS device on the same account: Go to Settings > Tap your name at the top > at the bottom select… Read More »

App Unsubscribing

Subscribing happens when you make your initial purchase. Apple makes this very easy. Ever try to unsubscribe? Slightly less intuitive. On your iOS device go to the App Store App. Click Featured in the menues then scroll all the way to the bottom. Click on your apple id and choose “View Apple ID” Toward the bottom of the… Read More »


You can lock down any iOS device to practically no functionality. Here I will cover some of the basics to protect your kids. To begin review these steps from Apple to Turn on restrictions It is best to think of the apps as a book with hidden chapters. Many are portals to content you will not be able… Read More »

Search Slowness

A few users have mentioned contact searches taking longer that usual or new contacts missing from their mobile. This seems to have started after a resent update. I have 2 solutions. 1)    Use spotlight search. This is a separate index and does not have the same slowness as contacts. Access spotlight search from the app screen on your… Read More »

Apple in Store Support

To get your Apple device fixed by Apple, at one of their stores or certified repair locations: Start by scheduling an appointment. You do this via the Apple Support app. Download from iTunes When prompted to login with your Apple ID, do so to see all your families devices. In the app go to Get Support (bottom) >… Read More »

Limit Data on iOS

Useful for international travelers(also saves battery life) disable the following: Background App Refresh: Settings > General > Background App Refresh Cellular data for automatic downloads: Settings > iTunes & App Store > and tap the Use Cellular Data switch to turn off. Cellular data for Safari‘s reading list: Settings > Safari > Use Cellular Data > OFF Cellular… Read More »