Microsoft Remote Desktop

By | January 12, 2016

Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your PC securely from you iPhone or iPad. To use remote desktop on your iOS you will need to have the VPN client setup and configured by NMS.

To Connect:

  1. go to Settings>VPN>and turn it on
  2. If prompted enter your Windows password. Once connected you will see “VPN” at the top of your device.
  3. Open the app “RD Client” and click on the icon for your desktop.
  4. If you are asked to verify the certificate for the remote PC, tap Accept

For navigation tips and trick read more here:

Mouse mode Mouse operation Gesture
Direct touch Left click 1 finger tap
Direct touch Right click 1 finger tap and hold
Mouse pointer Left click 1 finger tap
Mouse pointer Left click and drag 1 finger double tap and hold, then drag
Mouse pointer Right click 2 finger tap
Mouse pointer Right click and drag 2 finger double tap and hold, then drag
Mouse pointer Mouse wheel 2 finger tap and hold, then drag up/down
Mouse pointer Zoom Pinch two fingers to zoom in or spread two fingers to zoom out

On-screen Keyboards on the iPad and iPhone you can use the button on the right edge of the bar above the keyboard to switch between the standard and additional keyboard.Bluetooth Keyboard should be automatically detected once connected.Due to limitations on the OS, special keys such as Ctrl, Option, and Function will not work as expected. The following keys currently work:

  • Alphanumeric keys
  • Cursor keys
  • Tab: Tab works, but Shift+Tab does not work
  • Home / Pos1: Alt+Left = Home
  • End: Alt+Right = End
  • Page Up: Alt+Up = Page Up
  • Page Down: Alt+Down = Page Down
  • Select All: Command+A = Ctrl+A (Select all in most programs)
  • Cut: Command+X = Ctrl+X (Cut in most programs)
  • Copy: Command+C = Ctrl+C (Copy in most programs)
  • Paste: Command+V = Ctrl+V (Paste in most programs)
  • Symbols: Alt+Alphanumeric keys will produce different symbols depending on the language configured

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