Embedding Images

By | January 5, 2017

When sending images from your iPhone you can choose whether they are sent as attachments or embedded in the message. This is determined by the format of the email itself. If the email format is text the photos will be sent as attachments if the email is HTML the images will be embedded. Nowhere in settings can the format of your email be set, nor does it matter how you add images to your message. So how is the format setting changed? It is determined by your signature.

To edit your signature go to Settings>Mail>Signature

  • If your signature is plain text your emails will be sent in text format and images will be attached.
  • If you paste in an HTML formatted signature or alter the format by using Bold Italics or underlined your messages will be sent as HTML and images will be embedded. To change the format of text select it then choose BIU from the menu

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