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iOS: Apps for Architects

This corner of the App Store recommends iOS apps for architects and designers. Apps like Morpholio Trace – Sketch CAD take advantage of the augmented reality features of the iOS. Download from iTunes


OneNote is a virtual notebook, with incredible search capabilities, that synchronizes across all your devices and between multiple users in real time. A universal platform, it works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Online. Everything is stored as a separate element so markups can be removed, files or images can be saved or moved. Pages are a limitless… Read More »

Informed Delivery

This app allows users to digitally preview the exterior of inbound mail and track packages sent in the past week. Records are not created until you signup for the service, which requires detailed information about your finances for verification.  Download from iTunes 

Vonage Business Cloud

This app allows you to access your Vonage business account settings, calls, texts and voicemail. It is a great way to add a second number to an iPhone or iPad. Download here

Mile IQ

For tracking travel and expensing mileage there is no easier app than Mile IQ. Continuous background tracking Auto enter repeat trips Location renaming Separate personal and business Submit monthly reports Download from iTunes

Genius Scan

Genius turns your camera into a scanner. It is great for capturing receipts or creating a fax quality document. Single page or batch mode Send as JPG or PDF Output to Email, iMesssage or Camera roll Recognizes the document outline and eliminates background Automatically straightens text. Download from iTunes


Doceri allows you to mirror and control any PC or Mac from a wirelessly connected iPad.  It is also an interactive whiteboard that can be used to create a presentation, insert images, save and edit and record a screencast video that can be saved and shared. It works with any software as the makeups are actually being done… Read More »


To access company files on your iOS you will need to have the VPN client setup and have “FileBrowser”  installed and configured in advance. To connect: Go to Settings>VPN>and turn it on. If prompted enter your Windows password. Once connected you will see “VPN”at the top of your device. Open the FileBrowser app and click on the book… Read More »


Measures the current download speed of the network you are connected to. Useful for determining the quality of your WiFi and ISP. download from iTunes

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your PC securely from you iPhone or iPad. To use remote desktop on your iOS you will need to have the VPN client setup and configured by NMS. To Connect: go to Settings>VPN>and turn it on If prompted enter your Windows password. Once connected you will see “VPN” at the top… Read More »


TSheets is the best time tracking app I have ever used for tracking time. It offers: Powerfull desktop interface Single entry transitions from one job to the next GPS tracking for users in the field Manager approval process for submitted time Email reminders Integration into accounting systems and detailed reporting Paid time off tracking Submit time from the… Read More »

Apple in Store Support

To get your Apple device fixed by Apple, at one of their stores or certified repair locations: Start by scheduling an appointment. You do this via the Apple Support app. Download from iTunes When prompted to login with your Apple ID, do so to see all your families devices. In the app go to Get Support (bottom) >… Read More »