Vonage Fax

By | December 8, 2020

Setting up the account:

Each user who will be using the fax needs to be added to the Vonage portal by the administrator. These people do not necessarily need to have assigned Vonage extensions, as the fax permissions are assigned using the person’s email address. Up to 6 users can be assigned permission to receive faxes as well as send- and these do not have to be the same 6 people for sending and receiving.

Receiving faxes:

The user(s) designated to receive incoming faxes will get an email with the subject line “Incoming Fax to (xxx) xxx-xxxx” and the fax attached to the email as a file.

Sending faxes:

The user sending the fax would draft a new email with the desired outgoing fax attached. The following types of attachments may be faxed via email: Word, Excel, PDF, and all image file types, TIFF is recommended. The email should be sent to: 1<10 digit phone number>@fax.vonagebusiness.com. For example, to send a fax to 404-555-1212, you would send an email to 14045551212@fax.vonagebusiness.com. After the fax is sent successfully, that user will receive an email confirmation. You can also send from an app such as Genius Scan.

Using a copier:

Ask us if you would like assistance in enabling your copier to send faxes.