FBI: Reporting scams

By | November 20, 2015

Individuals who believe they may be a victim of an online scam (regardless of dollar amount) can file a complaint with the IC3 at www.ic3.gov.To report tech support scams, please be as descriptive as possible in the complaint including:

Name of the subject and company.
Phone numbers and email addresses used by the subject.
Websites used by the subject company.
Account names and numbers and financial institutions that received any funds (e.g., wire transfers, prepaid card payments).
Description of interaction with the subject.

Complainants are also encouraged to keep all original documentation, emails, faxes, and logs of all communications.

Because scams and fraudulent websites appear very quickly, individuals are encouraged to report possible Internet scams and fraudulent websites by filing a complaint with the IC3 at www.ic3.gov. To view previously released PSAs and Scam Alerts, visit the IC3 Press Room at www.ic3.gov/media/default.aspx.