iOS: Profile Hack

By | June 22, 2017

There is an extremely nasty hack that will brick your iOS device if you let it in. It installs itself as a Profile on your device.  In one particular instance, we discovered the Profile was named “Emergency Alerts” and had been allowed by the user clicking on a popup link that indicated these would help in the case of a tornado. Once installed, the Profile added a new Email account and changed the outbound email settings so that the user was no longer able to send email from the device; she was constantly being prompted for the “correct password.” After doing a factory restore from a computer, both the phone and iTunes displayed a message that the Sim card was for the wrong carrier, thereby indicating the phone had been jail broken. The phone was also inoperative using a known good sim card. Furthermore, it could not even be activated by the carrier and ultimately had to be replaced. Never install or approve any request that appears while surfing the Internet.

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