Timely IT Support

In an effort to provide better, faster support for our clients and hold ourselves accountable, I am asking that support requests be sent through these channels:

Email: All requests should go to support@it-authority.com rather than directly to your technician. This will create a case in our system and ensure your access to the full team working on your account including billing, field support, help-desk, licensing, purchasing, and telecom.

  • Avoid sending lists
  • Email subject should summarize your issue
  • Do not send requests on someone’s behalf

Phone: For more pressing issues, email problems, and after-hours, please call your technician directly. If your call goes to voicemail, be sure to leave a message. Your voicemail will be transcribed, create a case, and send an alert. If you do not leave a message we will not know that you called!

Text: If you do not get a response please call! When our technicians are in the field, they may not be watching texts, as their focus is on the client they are working with.

After Hours: We spend our days in front of technology, so when our office is closed, we do not track email or texts.  We are always available via phone nights and weekends. Be sure to leave a message if it goes to voicemail or we will not know you called.

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