Support Instructions

Requesting Support:

The user with the issue should send an E-Mail to SUPPORT@IT-AUTHORITY.COM. This is intended to be a way to clarify communication on non-emergency IT issues. For faster service they should call the primary or backup technician.


Please know that NMS is always available to solve your IT problems. We are also available in the evening or over the weekend to address remote access issues. It is best to call for support during nights and weekends as we are not actively watching the email queue or texts and email after hours. Always leave a message as this will create a case and send an alert. Call twice within 3 min if it is very early or late in the day as we may have do not disturb turned on.


An emergency would be considered a server outage, security-related issues or a work stoppage that affects a deadline. Should any of these issues arise, be sure to call as your email may not be working during such an outage. If you do not get an answer leave a message (sends an alert) and call 2 more times in a row (This is our signal if we are in a meeting that you are in an emergency situation). You should also try the backup technician assigned to your account in these situations.

IT Changes:

When making changes to your technology infrastructure, please let us know prior to implementing those changes. Our experience with a vast array of manufacturers and service providers is available to help you make purchasing decisions that will maintain reliability and lower long-term service costs. Systems on your computer network are often interdependent and changes to one can affect the performance and stability of your entire network.

New Hires:

Please notify us as early as possible if adding employees due to the time involved in preparing desktop PCs and acquiring new equipment.

Purchases and Invoice questions:

Many items can be drop shipped within a day or so, while others such as PCs can take a few weeks. For estimates or purchase requests send your request to: PURCHASING@IT-AUTHORITY.COM